Outstanding and well thought-out canoes, - built by canoeists for canoeists

To be decisively better.

We would like to show you, our customers and all those interested in water sports, that canoeing with Gatz canoes is and can be more than just one of many leisure activities. Of course, we also offer you optimal and competent advice with personal contact persons beyond this online portal. By manufacturing canoes to the highest quality standards, we provide you with a long-lasting piece of sports equipment that retains its value and that, with the right care, you can use for decades. At Gatz-Kanus, design and performance complement each other to form a harmonious whole. Our aim is to produce the optimum boat for our customers for every requirement and area of use. Different design lines with the same or very similar characteristics allow you to find a visually appealing canoe for almost every personal preference. You are buying a highly developed series product, but still not one off the peg - often your individual wishes can be taken into account.

GATZ has always had the ambition to develop boat shapes and to implement them in production in such a way that the result is better than that of the competition. Our presence in the canoe market for over 60 years shows us that we are on the right track for our customers and friends of canoeing. Classic and modern lines are manufactured with the highest quality standards and from the best available raw materials.

Sustainability has always been an important part of our corporate philosophy. Products that can be used for many decades, often over generations, are the opposite of fast-moving disposable items. We source most of our raw materials from Germany and Europe, the wood comes mainly from the forests around Cologne and is naturally air-dried for several years before we process it. 

Quality with the "Made in Germany" trademark.

As an innovative company, we manufacture in line with the market, which means that you will receive canoe models from GATZ that are tailored to German and European waters, just as our importers, e.g. in Japan, also receive special developments and designs from Gatz for their respective markets.

Canadians were invented by the indigenous people of North America - GATZ-KANUS combines tradition and innovation in the same timeless beauty and diversity. Almost all employees of GATZ-KANUS canoe themselves and know what is important so that you can enjoy your canoe for a long time. We are happy to pass this knowledge on to you.

Last but not least, - our guiding principle, so that canoeing is the carefree Nature experience remains what it was and is:

"Gatz canoes and their occupants leave only the eddies of paddle strokes in nature".