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Here you will find a selection of links and recommendations to manufacturers, importers, and boat rental services. Additionally, we provide you with links to the current water levels from across Germany. You can find reputable GATZ dealers under the separate menu item 'Regional Canoe Dealers.' Please note that Gatz Canoes does not assume responsibility for the content of third-party websites.


Canoe rental in COLOGNE.
Directly from the Gatz Canoes shop, you can rent all Gatz PE and Gatz ROYALEX canoes. More information can be found on the website in the Service section.

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Boat rental Bad Ems
For those who want to paddle on the Lahn and don't have their own boat, this is a good choice. Friendly and knowledgeable service, canoes from the Gatz PE lineup.

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BENDING BRANCHES: Finest paddles available for distribution at GATZ
Since 1993, Bending Branches paddles have been exclusively imported by Olaf Gatz. Their outstanding quality, beautiful design, and easy handling of wooden paddles make them very popular among paddlers of all ages and interests. In the past decades, Bending Branches has evolved from a small paddle manufacturer into the world leader in quality paddles. You can find Bending Branches paddles here in the web shop, on the accessory pages in the Gatz catalog, in a wide range of options at the GATZ-KANUS shop in Cologne, and a selection of different models at numerous well-stocked canoe dealers.

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Water level service for North Rhine-Westphalia
Here are the current water levels that indicate the navigability of the rivers in North Rhine-Westphalia. The minimum water levels should be strictly observed to avoid river closures.

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Water level service of the German Canoe Association
The German Canoe Association provides you with water levels from all over Germany and Europe.

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