The tighter the boat, the better the tour and the experience.

The tarpaulin, in combination with the spray cover, seals your canoe against wind and weather, making trips in the cold season or on bad weather days a unique canoeing experience. High waves and splashing white water do not get into the boat.
Tarpaulins can be quickly fitted and removed. You decide when to let the sun in or the rain out.
The occupants stay pleasantly warm and dry. There is no wind-chill factor in the canoe. Without a tarpaulin, feet, knees and luggage are quickly in the cold water.
The tarpaulin and the covered inner sides take away the wind's attack surface. This is a great advantage on rivers, lakes and also when transporting the roof. Even Canadian bush pilots praised the better aerodynamics of persenning-protected Gatz canoes when transporting canoes on the floats of aeroplanes).
Your tarpaulin offers you an individual look of the canoe paired with a function that has been proven many thousands of times. In addition, your luggage remains protected from view. A canoe with a tarpaulin can also be recovered and emptied quickly and safely after a capsize. But because wind or waves are kept out, the manoeuvrability of your canoe is maintained for longer, which provides additional safety in the boat.


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