Lifetime quality “Made in Germany”

Classic and modern lines are manufactured with the highest quality standards and from the best available raw materials. Quality deliberately equipped with the trademark “Made in Germany”. As an innovative company, we manufacture in line with the market, which means that from GATZ-KANUS you receive boats that are tailored to German and European waters.

Light as a feather and surprisingly handy

It's not just easy to load and unload a Gatz Canadian canoe from the carbon ultralight series on your own. At only 19kg, this is child's play with this lightweight GATZ-CANADIAN 475 candier, but with two people you can easily load more than twice the weight. Loading rollers and using the laws of leverage also help (if the stronger partner grabs the boat more towards the middle, the weaker partner only has a little weight to lift and can easily stabilize the canoe).

Extremely shockproof and easy to repair

No matter where you travel, whether on heath rivers or in the Grand Canyon, there will always be situations in the long life of a Gatz canoe where the canoe is exposed to extreme stress. Natural waters with round river pebbles only leave one or two scratches that are easy to polish when they come into contact with the bottom. Even in the event of brutal contact with rocks, your Gatz Canadian canoe (the example shows that this also applies to the carbon series) usually remains largely undamaged. Deep scratches in the composite can be easily repaired; they often become almost invisible.

Resistance through great elasticity

Gatz-Royal Royalex Canadians, like the other Gatz series, are equipped with a material structure that is carefully tailored to the type of boat and the area of ​​use. This is designed so that the boat retains its shape on the water; in competitive boats that are made with less material, the bottom often comes inward under load. Take the test and stand on the stable and rigid hull of the Gatz Royal Canadian. The elasticity of the ABS plastic when subjected to point loading prevents major damage during extreme loads on tours.

Maximum stability for all cases

Oops! If you don't pay attention, it'll happen... To ensure that a small mishap doesn't turn into a disaster, all Gatz series are equipped with the greatest possible stability for a long life expectancy. Gatz-PE and Royalex Canadians made of thermoplastic materials are the easiest to withstand such extreme loads. In terms of overall life expectancy, however, the high-quality composite series are once again ahead (small rule of thumb, depending on storage, use, UV exposure, etc.: PE: 10+x years, Royalex: 20+x years, composite: 30+ x years).