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Gatz Canoes directly from the dealer in your region
We are convinced that the optimal canoe for your needs can be found through an in-depth, personal, or phone consultation, and we are happy to take the time for that. We have an extensive selection of models and materials, and in Cologne, both in our shop and over the phone, we have people who are at home on the water and are ready to assist you. If you have an active Gatz-Kanus specialist dealer in your area, you are welcome to place your order there and support local businesses. Otherwise, we will deliver your desired canoe to your home via a courier service (or to an address accessible by the courier). Below, you will find a selection of active regional dealers who carry our boats in their inventory. Gatz-Kanus only delivers to a few selected specialty stores. Please contact us directly to inquire about which models are available in your region because most dealers only have space for a few models. If there is no dealer in your vicinity, we will find a good and attractive solution for your canoe purchase. Feel free to speak with our sales team if needed.

If you have one of our dealers nearby, why not pay them a visit and see for yourself the high quality of our Gatz canoes and kayaks. If you are looking for a specific model, it's a good idea to contact the dealer in advance, as due to the extensive range, our dealers may not have every model in their store. For orders placed through specialty stores, the production time may differ from the delivery times listed in our online shop. Additionally, the period for transportation, which is organized by the specialty store, needs to be factored in. 


The GATZ specialty store
Here, you can view almost every model from our range and often take them for a test ride at a nearby recreational waterbody on your own. 
You probably won't find a larger selection of canoes and paddles in any other store than in ours in Cologne, and we also have the most essential accessories ready for you.

Directions to GATZ-KANUS


Kanusport Spree in Hangelsberg, right near BERLIN and located by the water. 
The best address in the Berlin area and one of the best in Germany to see and even try out a wide range of Gatz canoes. Kanusport is located right by the water. Competent advice from active paddlers and excellent service with high availability for Gatz canoes set our partner in the Berlin area apart. You can arrange to test many models from the Gatz canoe program at their own dock. Rental boats are available.

Straight to Kanusport Erkner


GATZ TEST CENTER HAMBURG at GLOBETROTTER: Many models from our range are available as test boats here. Please inquire about the current status at the Globetrotter Hamburg store, Wiesendamm 1, in the canoe department  (information provided through the central phone line is often unreliable).  Coordinate in the boat section with Mr. Detlefsen.

Straight to Globetrotter


At Siesta Oppi, Sensebrücke 13a, 3138 Neuenegg near Bern, you'll find a selection of high-quality Gatz canoes and Branches paddles. The Siesta Oppi team is always committed to providing you with the best possible service for Gatz canoes. A great address for our customers in Switzerland.

Straight to SIESTA OPPI