You have the choice! Design your GATZ CANOE even more individually according to your wishes.
Here you can see selected examples of your options.

Standard wooden seat

Made from waterproof birch multiplex plywood and coated with a thick layer of paint, very robust and universally applicable. Your seating position is variable across the entire width of the boat. For greater comfort, seat padding, e.g. the PU padding strip, is available as an accessory. As a rule, including the GATZ-PE models, these seats are mounted on the Gatz seat holder and can therefore be tilted and removed.

Braid seat

An ash wood frame with woven cane seating (as shown with aluminum seat suspension, a standard feature, e.g., in the GATZ Big Canadian) adds a nice aesthetic to the boat and is lighter than a board seat. The cane dries quickly, but it's not as durable as a webbed seat. The seat comes in both a lacquered and oiled version, each available in two different seat widths.

Wicker seat with spacer wooden suspension

 These woven seats (or alternatively the strap seats) are standard equipment for wood-trimmed canoes (also available as an option instead of aluminum suspension in vinyl-trimmed boats).
Visually attractive, this built-in seat is recommended for seated paddling positions due to the risk of getting stuck. When kneeling, the front edge can be uncomfortable as a pressure point. 

Belt seat

(photo with aluminum seat suspension, optionally available instead of wicker seats in all Gatz wood-trimmed canoes) This seat is solid, comfortable, and durable. One disadvantage compared to a wood or wicker seat is that the webbing material can absorb water.
Visually appealing, this permanently installed seat is only recommended for sitting positions due to the risk of pinching. It can be uncomfortable as a pressure point when kneeling. 

CrazyCreek canoe seat

The number one choice for comfort and multifunctionality. Crazy Creek seats are available in various versions for all Gatz seat systems. They are not only comfortable in the boat but also pleasant companions during breaks or in the evening at the camp.

Cushion for wooden seat

Soft PU foam cushion. It securely sits on GATZ wooden seats and can be cut to fit your preferences.