Only a manufacturer who uses and processes all the important materials themselves can provide truly objective advice – GATZ has been the only European boat builder for decades to manufacture canoes from the three most important material groups for canoes: Gatz-Composite, polyethylene, and Royalex, which is no longer in production due to the closure of the raw material plant. Our experience in boat building in Germany is your advantage because you receive optimal and impartial information firsthand. Each material has its justification for specific areas. You may have to make compromises, but they should also be right for you. A properly chosen canoe  will last for decades and accompany you on wonderful trips. At Gatz, you will find the suitable canoe. We are happy to show you the models from our range that may be suitable for you and provide competent advice from paddlers to paddlers. 


Our high-quality composite canoes (composite = fiber-reinforced plastics) can be manufactured in virtually all designs. From standard performance canoes to ultra-light high-tech boats made predominantly from carbon fibers, there are no limitations in realizing dream boats. Composites have the advantage that reinforcements can be precisely positioned where they are needed, resulting in stable and lightweight canoes. Our decades of experience in boat building are a significant advantage here.  Composite canoes are crafted from many individual layers and reinforcement materials in intricate manual labor. They feature a very tough surface typically made from colored polyester gelcoat and, if necessary at any point, are easily repairable by amateurs with readily available materials. Composites are cured thermosetting plastics with unparalleled dimensional stability and an extremely long life expectancy, often well beyond 30 years.  Especially from a sustainability perspective, this is an important criterion.  Our composite boats can be treated with all vehicle care products and remain attractive for a very long time.
Gatz produces three composite variations that differ in robustness, weight and price. Produced by experienced boat builders using only the finest fibers and resins certified for shipbuilding, Gatz composite canoes will bring you many decades of enjoyment on the water. 

GFK/Carbon-Aramid reinforced

Our very robust standard construction is completely sufficient for most purposes. Recommended for all-round use from lakes to light whitewater. The canoes in this series are made from high-quality glass fibers, fabrics and resins, which are additionally reinforced with a high proportion of high-tech fibers in particularly stressed areas. The large proportion of carbon aramid fabric, even in this standard GATZ construction, is also visible inside. This design is available in all mottled GATZ colors and in many plain colors. (not available in carbon)


Certainly our most durable, robust composite construction. At least 20% weight savings compared to the standard design are also characteristic of this series. A type of resin specially tailored to the technical fabrics, combined with the highest proportion of light and extremely tear-resistant aramid and dimensionally stable carbon fiber, creates pleasantly light and very robust canoes. It can be used anywhere where a stable, robust canoe with low weight is required. The lightweight variant is also easy to repair if it ever becomes necessary. Available in all mottled GATZ colors and in many plain colors. (not available in carbon). Note: Aramid is the technical name for a fiber whose best-known brand name is Kevlar (registered trademark of DuPont). 


The easiest way to experience a GATZ CANOE! High-tech fiber composite systems such as those used in aircraft construction and motorsports find their way into canoeing here. Carrying distances or charging are child's play thanks to weight savings of approx. 35%. You will also notice the difference on the water. In the ultralight series, some of the aramid fibers are replaced by high-strength carbon fibers. Accordingly, weight can be dispensed with through additional reinforcements. We recommend this series for use on lakes and unblocked streams, even though it can certainly handle more. Visually, the attractive anthracite-colored carbon fabric with the transparent gelcoat, visible layers and transitions characterizes this design. All other composite colors can also be selected as custom-made products, depending on the color pigment density (dark colors and mottled colors are an advantage here, as well as the size of the canoe, the thicker colored gelcoat layer can mean an additional weight of 1-2kg. 


Three layers of linear high-density polyethylene (which is recyclable and repairable) give all GATZ POLYETHYLENE (PE) CANADIANS very high basic rigidity at a reasonable weight. Equipped with a good price/performance ratio, these models are ideal for anyone who values ​​extreme durability. The outer and inner layers of the 3-layer material are made of solid PE, the middle layer is made of closed-cell PE foam that is firmly bonded to the other layers.  Gatz PE canoes do not need any additional reinforcements and are unsinkable. With proper care and UV-protected storage, GATZ PE canoes also have a very long service life.
Because they are so insensitive, Gatz PE canoes are particularly suitable and popular for tough use  by clubs, youth groups, boat rental companies and white water. Gatz PE Canadians are manufactured on one of the world's largest rotational molding plants. The computer-controlled manufacturing process allows layer thicknesses to be constantly monitored and dimensioned and positioned according to subsequent stress. Gatz PE canoes are thermoplastic and very dimensionally stable when used and stored correctly.


An important note in advance: The only factory in the world that was able to produce Royalex sheet material for us was unfortunately  closed as part of a corporate takeover.  Accordingly, we stopped producing this series. There are many Gatz Royalex Canadians on the road and will probably be for decades to come, so we don't want to miss out on the following information.

Royalex, a multi-layered, thermoplastic material, was formed from a single piece using a vacuum deep-drawing process to form a seamless Gatz Royal canoe hull. With the right combination of the individual material layers, a well thought-out, boat-specific material structure with many reinforcements and the precisely controlled production system built in the factory in Cologne, GATZ-Royal has gotten the best possible out of Royalex - to the great advantage of your canoe. Royalex canoes from GATZ-Royal are light, extremely dimensionally stable and break-resistant. The abrasion resistance of the vinyl outer layer is between PE and composite. The ABS foam core makes the canoes unsinkable. Gatz Royal Canadians, like all other Gatz series, are repairable. 
"The first and only Royalex Canadians “Made in GERMANY” – with the difference in the material construction!"