Edge shapes

Each GATZ series has special edge shapes. Where the construction allows, alternatives are offered, e.g. wooden edges, which you can choose individually.

Original GATZ-Edge

Found in this form as standard on almost all GATZ composite and PE Canadians. This coaming protects very well against splash water, slightly reduces the areas exposed to wind and gives the Canadians exceptional dimensional stability. Tarpaulins are optimally sealed even in white water thanks to the 2 pressure edges in the radii.


Our specially designed profile is standard equipment on single-shell thermoplastic boat models, e.g. the Gatz-CHATTOOGA PE and models of the GATZ-Royalex series. Very robust and easy to care for.

GATZ Wooden edge

Made from selected fine ash wood, this edge has a uniquely beautiful look with great rigidity and toughness. Wood always feels warm, but it also requires a little more care and wooden edge canoes must be stored in a dry place, protected from rain and waterlogging. The edge is also triple-oiled in the hidden areas ex works and is available in one or two colors (surcharge). Regular re-oiling with commercially available outdoor oils is recommended. The natural, sometimes irregular and color-varying texture of the wooden strips gives your Canadian a distinctive, individual look.