You have the choice! Customize your GATZ KANU according to your individual wishes.
We would be happy to manufacture your new boat with your individually desired equipment especially for you.

Multi-function saddle seat with knee plate

The variable alternative to fixed-in seats. The seat should have a fixed point for strap attachment in the canoe, such as the already built-in knee strap loop in Gatz-Composite canoes, but it can also be connected to the knee plate to prevent it from sliding backward. The seat block can be adjusted for both sitting and kneeling positions. Naturally, it also provides a comfortable seating spot for resting on the shore.

Adjustable woven/strap seat

With our specially designed adapter plates made of black anodized aluminum, any woven or strap seat can be installed in all GATZ-Composite and all GATZ-PE canoes. The seat remains removable and adjustable. Here, aesthetics and comfort come together.

Seat block for self-cutting

A closed-cell PE foam block that is glued together. For whitewater paddlers who need a customized knee seating position for optimal boat contact. This block needs to be secured with straps or permanently glued into the canoe.

GATZ-KANUS Strap loop

Standard in all GATZ-Composite canoes with adjustable seats, one is mounted in front of the front seat and another behind the rear seat. The strap loop serves as an attachment point for the multi-function seat and the knee pad. As an option, additional loops, for example, for securing luggage or optional flotation devices, can be installed. Let us know your desired positions or seek advice.

GATZ-wooden edge canoe options

Our handcrafted wood-trimmed canoes feature a gunwale made from locally harvested, naturally dried, oiled ash wood, as well as cross and carrying struts, hand-formed handles, and ash decks. The brass cover completes the high-quality appearance. As an optional extra, you can also order the wood trim in a two-tone version. In this case, the inner strip is stained dark before oiling, and the decks are fitted with inlays made from darker wood.

D-ring on Vinyl base plate

"Large and small versions as attachment points in Royalex canoes and (limited) in PE canoes. D-rings are permanently glued into Royalex canoes with vinyl adhesive.